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15 September 2008 @ 09:06 pm
[LOG] A lecture and disappointments  
Title: A lecture and disappointments
Muses Involved: Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong
Timeline: Day after this.
Status: Complete

Yunho: The next morning rolled around quite fast and Yunho now sat at the dining table munching on a hearty serving of cereal, dressed and swimming in milk and sugar like he isn't supposed to have them. He claimed to be stubborn like that. As the rest of the group busied themselves getting ready for the day's schedule (The SM Shanghai Event just hours from now), Yunho sat back at ease, out-of-the-ordinarily quiet this morning, perhaps because of the previous night's events.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong woke up that morning and decided to pretend last night didn't happen and put on a ready smile, walking into the kitchen in his PJs and house slippers. "Morning leadersshi~" It's practically near noon so he slept in quite a bit, but he figured he could go to the salon some other day--he already missed the appointment, but luckily he gave his hairstylist a message when he woke up and she was willing to forgive him. Taking a slice of bread, he popped it into the toaster and opened the fridge, taking out the mango juice.

Yunho: Yunho gave Jaejoong a silent nod of a reply, eyeing him carefully as he took each step into the kitchen. Once in a while, he would take another mouthful of cereal in, his eyes still set to Jaejoong and Jaejoong alone. Why he swore the morning to silence, he had no idea, but the grin on his face spoke of so much more. To most people who knew him as well as the group did, he was acting very differently. He refused to drive the members up the walls, telling them to hurry up, he wasn't getting ready, and there was absolutely no sense of urgency in him whatsoever. And more importantly, he was going against his well-kept diet. Bread and juice.... horrible breakfast...

Jaejoong: "Well, wonderful leadersshi, your breakfast isn't exactly keeping with your diet, now is it?" He turned around and leaned on the counter while he waited for his toast to ...toast. He wore a raised eyebrow, and crossed his arms. Eyeing the cereal bowl, he could see it from far away it was coated with sugar. Jaejoong was pretending he didn't notice Yunho's staring, but it finally got to him, and he wondered if something was different about him. "...Do I have something on me?"

Yunho: "Not at all." A short, simple clause and his point was across. His gaze never faltered, still on Jaejoong even as he turned to face him. The corner of his lip only lifted into a satisfied curve and he simply took another mouthful of his too-sweet cereal. Perhaps if he kept Jaejoong asking, they would dwell onto last night's conversation, the latter part in which Yunho left so much hanging, but stubborn as he was, he wasn't going to bring it up himself.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong thought he could play the game as well, and when the toast popped out, he took it without glancing away from Yunho, and bit into it. Walking over to where Yunho sat, he took the seat across from him, and continued to eat his bread. Sure, Jaejoong was hungry, but toast would tide him over for the moment. As he continued to stare back, he took the chance to examine him. Yunho was acting odd.

Yunho: He poured himself a glass of milk as if he didn't have enough of it in his food already. He watched Jaejoong join him, his eyes examining every single detail that the singer exemplified during the short walk. As he sat down, he simply smiled over his glass of milk, cocking his head to the side in another greeting as he took a sip. Really now... of all things to play your stubbornness with, why so much milk? He was getting sick of it at every sip, but he had no choice but to abide by his own stupidity. He made a face at his own thought (out loud), but kept his eyes locked onto Jaejoong's as if it were a very casual affair as he leaned forward.

Jaejoong: "Yunho..." He flickered a gaze over to the hole in the wall, and wondered if anyone took notice. Jaejoong finished his toast and brushed his hands free of crumbs, then swept them up into a paper towel. "What are we doing today?"

Yunho: "Shanghai." They were going to Shanghai for the concert, and like the important group that they were, they would be the last to depart from Seoul. "Our flight is... well your flight is at 5pm." That was probably the longest thing he had said all morning. And he took another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

Jaejoong: "Are you okay... Yunho?" He had to ask, because in all respects, Yunho definitely was up to something, or just being beyond weird in terms of his usual behaviour. Despite their rather interesting argument last night, Jaejoong still cared about him, and he was starting to worry over him.

Yunho: "Perfectly fine," he smiled, sliding a hand out for Jaejoong. His gaze never dropped, and he wondered if the singer would pay notice to his actions. By then, he had dropped his spoon back into his empty bowl (lest the milk that he refused to drink), and gave up on his excess intake of sugar. "Why would there be anything wrong?"

Jaejoong: "I don't know... You're ...--" Jaejoong took the hand to clasp it. He was unsure, and Yunho was being vague. "...Trying to get diabetes?" Jaejoong had the urge to take the bowl away from him, and his hand was midway in reaching it. This much sugar in the morning... and Yunho had a weak stomach. "What are you trying to do?"

Yunho: "I'm trying to prove my point, Jaejoong." He finally said, pushing the bowl away as he eyed it, inwardly swearing that it would be a while before he had another bowl of cereal. "That it's only when we do things... out of the ordinary... that we become... different." He gave the other's hand a gentle squeeze before he gave him a light nod. "And sometimes, being different isn't really that bad." He leaned forward even closer, neglecting the fact that the other members would see their almost intimate huddle as peculiar. "Would you have thought me a freak if I kept it up?"

Jaejoong: "..." He didn't have a response to Yunho's explanation. "Even if this difference is nothing anyone else knows anything about?" He looked down when Yunho asked him that question. "...No." Yunho got his message across, but Jaejoong harboured doubts, and he didn't know if Yunho would understand them.

Yunho: "Jaejoong, the world doesn't know that I faked liking all that sugar," he said, his voice more gentle now than that of last night's, especially with the look of doubt that Jaejoong now displayed. "Neither do they know that these powers exist between the two of us. And for almost all our lives, no one's found out. How much more different can any of this be from before?" Of course there was one difference... And only I know what that difference is right now.

Jaejoong: "Yunho... What you're saying is different from what you're thinking.." Jaejoong looked at Yunho, eyes searching to understand what Yunho was trying to say, despite sending him mixed messages. "There's a difference... isn't there." What was the difference? Jaejoong could only guess Yunho thought of him differently now that he knew what his powers were, and like he suspected, things changed.

Yunho: He made a face, apparently unaware that his thoughts were flying around again. "The change is--" He cut himself off almost too quickly, showing none but his weakness of expressing himself. "It's me, Jaejoong... I'm different." Everything about him indeed became different ever since that fateful evening when both their powers were revealed. All his feelings, ones that he'd kept for play and fan-service towards Jaejoong, had suddenly heightened.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong pressed further, almost desperate to know, because he was afraid of the answer. "What's the difference?" After a while, he went silent, and shook his head, giving Yunho a smile. "No... I don't want to know. ...If things really are different.. I'll pretend nothing's different. I don't want things to change." He stood up from his chair, and took Yunho's bowl to dump in the sink. "...I'm going to shower." And walked to the bathroom.

Yunho: He should have just kept his mouth... his brain shut. That's what he thought as he silently watched Jaejoong stand up and leave. It's that I like you Jae... a lot more than I should... And he too stood up, walking into the hallway and past the hole in his room's wall. Only the heavens knew if Jaejoong heard his brain this time, but as much as he wished he did, he also wished that things would just return to the way they used to.