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17 October 2008 @ 09:46 pm
[log] amidst the chaos.  
Title: amidst the chaos
Muses Involved: Kim Ryeowook, Henry Lau
Status: Complete

Ryeowook: He knew something was going to happen, and he chalked it up to instinct. Still, it didn't stop him from trying to find their youngest member. "Henry?" he asked, pushing open one of the doors to the practice rooms.

Henry: He didn't like the sudden stillness of the air, or how he sensed the sudden brightening and darking of various energy threads around him. Henry, was still supposed to be tuning his violin, but instead, he was warily pacing around the practice room. Hearing footsteps, he turned and managed a weak smile, "Sense something weird?"

Ryeowook: "Mmhmm," Ryeowook nodded, entering the room and leaning against the adjacent wall once he had closed the door. "Something's happening, Henry-ah," he said, trying to keep his voice neutral.

Henry: Henry stopped for a moment, wondering if he heard the change in Wookie's voice, before returning back to pacing. He was troubled, all the extra lighting he got from energy threads weren't supposed to be that bad, and Wookie's one was glowing really, really badly. Henry scratched his head, muttering, "Something's happening, but it isn't something particularly nice."

Ryeowook: "Really?" he asked, curious. Truth be told, he was intruiged by Henry, even more so after he seemed to have the ability to resist his powers. "How can you tell?"

Henry: "ohgosh, the lights, the damn glowing things." He moaned dramatically, clutching his eyes in a mock attempt to block out the glowing threads from his mind, "No idea, really. Everything just feels off-tangent." Yeah, like he was seeing lights in his head and feeling like snuffing them out in an evil way, off-tangent indeed.

Ryeowook: Almost as if on cue, everything shut down. Lights, electricity, everything was plunged into blackness. Ryeowook smiled. "It's started," he said, quietly, almost to himself. "Henry," he said louder, convincingly adding some panic into his tone. He did not win Best Supporting Actor for nothing years ago. He grabbed Henry's wrist. "What happened?"

Henry: The lights went out. Henry doubled-checked, now he only felt the energy threads, nothing else, all shut down. He stood a step back as Ryeowook grabbed his wrist, "Um, everything went off?" In the dark, everything felt surreal, it wasn't him imagining that those stupid threads were glowing just that tiny bit brighter, right? He swallowed thickly, "Don't. Panic." ohgosh, ohgosh, but he was.

Ryeowook: "I'm not," he said, tightening his grip on Henry's wrist but letting his voice go back to its deceptive calm. "I expected this."

Henry: Henry could have sworn that he wanted to bash Ryeowook up, "Great, so now what?" sarcasm creeping into his voice. He peered around the room as Ryeowook's thread darkened, terribly wrong it all was.
"What's your role in this issue, Ryeowook? What's the point of sending the entire place into darkness?" He hardened his gaze, focusing on the core problem.

Ryeowook: He shook his head, hearing something in the distance. A smile lit up his features, not that Henry could see it in the blackness. "The chaos, isn't it beautiful?" he asked.

Henry: Henry glanced sharply at Ryeowook, but it wasn't any mistake of his ears, Wookie had really declared his appreciation of - of those creatures wrecking havoc in the city. He turned towards the window, passively watching as flames engulfed buildings and debris rained down on vulnerable humans. Humans, his mind spat angrily, lousy, weak bullies.

Ryeowook: Ryeowook turned away from the window and glanced at Henry. "They're weak, aren't they?" he asked, rhetorically. "So easily destroyed..."

Henry: "They have their good points," Henry grunted, feeling sorry as each soul thread was snuffed out, a powerful source of energy dissipating into the dark night, "And their dark sides." He turned away from the scene, "I'm assuming that some form of higher being the big shot in this matter."

Ryeowook: He murmured, "But they're fun to play with. See how much they can handle, before they break, and perish." He looked slightly startled at Henry's pronouncement, but nodded approvingly. "You caught on."

Henry: Henry was silent for a moment, so he caught on, but what was Ryeowook's intention? He cracked his knuckles, mulling over the possibility that he would die, "They may be playthings to you, but these playthings have emotion on their side, and these playthings may just have allies." A thought flashed through his mind: what about his family?

Ryeowook: "But they aren't like us, Henli-ah. They're weak because of that," he shrugged nonchalantly.

Henry: Henry smirked, "That's what you think. Over-confidence leads to the downfall of many, Wookie - especially if you're high-handed with the weaker beings you deal with." He could still sense it, the bittersweet disappearance of the soul threads all around him, they were weak, but who knew what they were capable of?

Ryeowook: "I know," he said, softly. "I underestimated you, when you nearly killed me the other time."

Henry: Henry wasn't really surprised that Ryeowook brought up that unforunate incident again, but were they not digressing when half the city was probably dying? "Did I? Or did you overestimate your ability to control others, eh, Wookie?"

Ryeowook: "Oversight, I guess," he shrugged. "I never expected you to have such a lethal power."

Henry: "Lethal?" Henry mused over the meaning of the word for a moment, "Then it depends on your definition, direct physical hurt, yes. But if we were to talk about yours, then I'd say you can do a damn hell lot more damage than I could ever hope to achieve, no?"

Ryeowook: He smiled. "True. Enough of this chitchat though," he muttered, dragging Henry towards the door.

Henry: "Eh, this had better not be some petty form of payback for the other night!" Henry protested, anxious to not get into any scrapes

Ryeowook: "Have you ever been tempted to see how far your power could go?" Ryeowook asked, seemingly ignoring Henry's protest as they exited the building into the darkness.

Henry: "Meh, far enough to know the city population has been dramatically reduced." He peered into the darkness, searching of a trace of those dark creatures, "What on earth are those dark things? I can't get a grip on them."

Ryeowook: "They follow my command, Henry, I could simply order them to attack you and they would." His voice was calm as he surveyed the extent of the damage, though his eyes seemed to gleam with something cruel and inhuman.

Henry: "Hn, and lose any chance of using me as any form of weapon?" Henry's eyes reflected the indifference of Ryeowook's eyes, "It's not as if I can't kill you, and them, and the people in this city anyway." Threats, ah the pitiful threats.

Ryeowook: "They are expendable. Unlike you," he replied, eyes flickering to Henry and meeting the younger's eyes.

Henry: Henry not expendable? Naive, his hyung was, though undoubtedly cruel beyond imagination. He threw his free arm up into the air, "Whatever you say, you can think whatever you want." And I'll think mine.

Ryeowook: "Join me, Henli?" he asked, with something akin to childish hope as he pulled Henry closer to him, looking at each other in the eye. "The destruction and chaos... they're literally limitless."

Henry: Henry carefully eyed his hyung, join him? His mind raced to weigh the pros and cons, what about the rest of SJM, what about them? Then he whispered, ever so quietly, "Who's on our side, Wookie?"

Ryeowook: "Only me and Xiah Junsu-hyung," he said, lips curving into a smile. "And you."

Henry: "That's all? No fireworks, so creepy shadow, no brilliant display of power?" Henry folded his arms, faking a derisive smirk.

Ryeowook: "There are others that haven't been found," he said, "including those who haven't decided."

Henry: "People who would sit on the fence, bidding their time until an important factor comes along and sweeps them over to one side. Including some from SJM, no?" Henry tapped his fingers, "And then DBSK, and then a whole lot of prominent people out there." He paused for a moment, "Ouch."

Ryeowook: "Exactly," he said, nodding. "I think almost everyone in the industry has their own unique abilities, Junsu-shii told me the other time."

Henry: "Special unnatural abilities result in natural talents?" His lips curled into a smile, "I guess we'd better snare someone else then, three people aren't going to achieve much, even with those creatures." He turned, "The dorms? Tell me, what does Junsu-sshi have?"

Ryeowook: "He controls the air. Nearly killed Yunho-sshi. Twice, in fact." Ryeowook shrugged. "I know you want Donghae on our side."

Henry: "One manipulative, two destructive, doesn't sound too bad." Henry paused, "Not counting the odds stacked against us at this point of time though." He shrugged, "Why not? His power seems pretty unqiue judging by the unique colour of his soul thread."

Ryeowook: Ryeowook grinned, ferally. "Then he's yours," he said confidently, crouching down to speak in hushed tones to the creatures. As they loped away, he turned to Henry expectantly.