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30 September 2008 @ 07:53 pm
[LOG] A near death experience  
Title: A near death experience
Muses Involved: Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong
Status: Complete
Timeline: Right after "Their guilts and crimes"
Rating/Warnings: PG-15 / Kissing, lots of blood, and corniness

Jaejoong: It was Several Hours Later before Jaejoong came to, what ever shook him back to consciousness, but he couldn't open his eyes. He brought a hand up to rub his eyes of whatever keeping them closed, feeling crusts of dried tears rub off, and managed to only rub dried blood on them, wincing. He looked down again at Yunho, still with his eyes closed on his lap. Jaejoong pressed his head down against his back, calmed by the sound of his heart beat, and closed his eyes with exhaustion.

Yunho: His mind flashed images before him. Of their probable future, all that he'd missed. He saw in his dream, his funeral, a vast expanse covered in white roses with his family, mother and Jihye by his side, then the members. He saw Jaejoong crying, and from where his soul hovered above them, he reached out. Just when he was inches away, he was pulled back and away by some force. And again, he was enveloped by darkness. But in this darkness, he felt a warm body press against his own. This made him stir, a barely audible groan escaping the confines of his dry throat as he coaxed himself awake.

Jaejoong: The groan and stirring caught his attention. "Yunho..?" Tentatively, he lifted his head.

Yunho: "Is this hell yet?" He groaned, slowly lifting his pained body up.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong's laughter was one of relief and and ending up mixing it with crying. "You're still here." He was humorous, but he didn't feel anything funny about Yunho almost dying, despite continually laughing himself into crying. When he realised he was really crying, he stopped his pseudo laugh and wrapped his arms around Yunho in a tight hug--no one would be able to pry his arms away even if they wanted to. "You're still here."

Yunho: Tired, Yunho could only manage a chuckle to mach Jaejoong's laughter. His arms loosely wrapped themselves around Jaejoong's waist, and his head tilted down to rest atop the elder boy's shoulder. "No, I'm in heaven..." He shut his eyes again to stop the spinning. Never did he think that leading a pop group would bring him so close to death twice in one week. Because heaven is in your arms...

Jaejoong: Jaejoong sighed and leaned back against the fridge, still very much tired from what he did. "You can joke about this... I guess that means you're fine now."

Yunho: "I'm just gad I'm alive, Jaejoong." And thinking back, he really had no memory of how that happened. But he was indeed sure of one thing: "And it was all thanks to you." Lifting his head up, he took Jaejoong's hand into his own and gave it a quick squeeze. "That's twice in a row, Jae. I don't know if I can ever repay you."

Jaejoong: He shook his head, still numb. "Are you okay?" He had to ask, to make sure everything was fine with him. "You.. it wasn't shallow." Jaejoong's hand ran across his blood soaked shirt, to the tear where soft flesh met with his fingers.

Yunho: "I feel absolutely fine, Jae." He spoke with a relieved smile, and for a moment, they sat there. "I... don't know how you did it, but I'm grateful... thankful beyond all my words can say." He looked down sheepishly, looking back on the many words he did say. He wondered if Jae heard any of them.

Jaejoong: "I brought you back from the dead, Jung Yunho. You're mine now." Jaejoong smiled at him, and he knew they both looked like death came for a visit.

Yunho: "I've always been yours, dummy," he teased, another soft chuckle lapsing into the silence. He looked down a while after that, realizing the truth behind his words. But looking around, he couldn't help but cringe. "We need to get the kitchen cleaned before the others see."

Jaejoong: Well they were swimming in a pool of blood after all. He cuffed Yunho on the shoulder. "You idiot. Why did you get in the way?" He was relieved, sure, but he wasn't over the shock of seeing it all happen. "Sorry.. give me a moment.. You .. you almost died.."

Yunho: "Because I would have rather died than to have seen him hurt you, silly." He sighed softly at the truth of it all. "Whether or not you would have just healed all over again. Plus..." He smiled, taking Jae's hand into a gentle squeeze again, "I had faith that you would find a way to bring me back somehow." Shuffling around in the pool of blood, he moved to take a seat beside Jaejoong, taking him into his arms again. "I told you your powers aren't bad, Jaejoong. And whether you believe me or not, it took a whole lot of courage to do what you did... to put so much faith in yourself."

Jaejoong: "You don't even know what I did. ...You would rather I see you die than the other way around... so selfish.." He buried his head into his neck, closing his eyes, and not in any mood to do clean-up.

Yunho: "Jae, look at me..." He pulled away, only to bring a hand up to lift Jaejoong's face to meet his eyes. "I did it because I had faith in you. Because I..." he trailed of, thinking that it wasn't the right time. He brought his lips up to Jaejoong's forehead again, murmuring a kiss onto his skin. "But that doesn't matter any more. I'm here, alive, and with you. And never again will I allow anything to come between us like that."

Jaejoong: "...You already promised me... and you already broke it Yunho. I can't-- I can't watch you die again." With that revelation, he wrenched away from him, angry now that everything was fine, and he was allowed to be.

Yunho: With a sigh, Yunho could do nothing. Jaejoong was right; he did break his promise. "What do you want me to then, Jaejoong?" he said, almost desperate now, "I can't turn everything back. It's done."

Jaejoong: "No... you can't change the past." Jaejoong shook his head, and clutched onto a part of Yunho's blood soaked shirt. He was already covered in it, it didn't seem to matter too much if he had a little more. "You're mine...can't recklessly throw your like that any more. I'll--I'll bring you back again."

Yunho: "Then I'm yours, Jaejoong," he looked straight into his eyes, "all yours." His hand lifted up to meet Jaejoong's, coaxing him to let go of his shirt with a loose grip on his wrist. "I I'll keep that in mind... you in mind... next time I even think of trying to get myself hurt again... I'll think of you... and know that nothing will happen like this again."

Jaejoong: He couldn't let go, what he was saying was important, shaking his head silently--his eyes burned, and his throat constricted as he swallowed down a sob. "Hold onto your words," Jaejoong looked up from his lashes for a moment before flickering down, and made a shy move forward, kissing his cheek. "...Yunho."

Yunho: "I promise," he whispered through the closeness, and he did. He really did. He took advantage of the kiss, turning his head just in time to catch Jaejoong's lips into his own in the briefest of touches. "I promise, Jaejoong," he affirmed him, lifting a hand above the pool of blood around them. There was something about his powers that he loved, something he didn't use or show very often. Into his hand, the blood rose, moulding itself into a single, blood-red rose that solidified in his hands: power of the mind. He placed it on Jaejoong's lap, and looked up into his eyes. A promise made real.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong parted his lips in surprise from the slight brush of Yunho's lip against his. Following Yunho's hand, he watched the blood rise and change into a rose and stared at it in awe; something so hideous as blood could be transformed in to something beautiful. Staring down, he ghosted a hand over the rose, afraid to touch it.

Yunho: Turning his hand over, the rose lifted into Jaejoong's hand. It had the properties that of which a real one would posses, soft petals and a stem tarnished with delicately trimmed thorns. But there was one thing that made it differ from others: it would never wither. "Keep it, Jaejoong," he smiled. "Every single drop of my blood that flows through that rose is testimony to my promise. And as long as you have it, my promise will last."

Jaejoong: Grasping it lightly like fragile glass, he looked to Yunho with mixed feelings. "Thank you." Smiling a little, he cradled it close to his chest, and thought it was okay to feel overwhelmed. He wanted to treasure it.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho with a quiet acknowledgement, before he spoke up. "Yunho... can you take a deep breath?"

Yunho: Puzzled at the question, he tilted his head to the side. His eyes trailed up from his blood-made rose, to Jaejoong's face. There was always something to admire with such a perfect face, whether or not is was stained with blotches of blood. But as he nodded his head, he parted his lips slowly and inhaled, long and heavy.

Jaejoong: Immediately, Jaejoong lifted himself off the fridge, and knelt on his knees with his body twisted towards Yunho, steadying himself with one hand on Yunho's shoulder, and parted his mouth to cover the already parted ones. His tongue teased Yunho's into playing, and he lightly took Yunho's lower lip between his teeth, biting and sucking on it with ardent passion, not letting Yunho go easily, and nowhere near satisfied.

Yunho: His breath caught mid-intake, and it felt like his chest was about to explode. It could have been because of all the air, all the pressure, and it could have been because of the sheer excitement that bubbled throughout his system at the sudden touch of lips. His eyes shot open for a moment before they gently fell shut, arms quickly wrapping around Jaejoong's waist to pull him closer. His tongue eagerly engaged in Jaejoong's little game, exhaling his long held breath, warm into the other boy's mouth. Soon, he pulled away, quick enough to take in another small breath before he returned to the kiss, helplessly in need of more.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong took all the breath Yunho gave, taking Yunho by the face with both hands, he tilted it up higher in a different angle, feeling the moisture of their breaths on his wet lips, and being unable hold out for longer, before he finally let go, breathing again. Smiling with devilishly coy lips, and a tongue poking in between, he looked at Yunho's flustered face. "Are you okay, Yunnie? You look like someone took your breath away."

Yunho: Flustered, the comment only added a flush of bright red to his already heated face. "Sure did," he mumbled for the satisfaction of having something to say. He attempted hiding the blush, finding that his body refused to allow him to turn away, eyes fixated on Jaejoong's smile, those perfect lips lined and splattered on with his blood. Sexy, he thought, his own lips curling up into a grin of his own. But it didn't seem to fit. Speaking through his grin, he kept close proximity, mumbling low between them, "Now what was that all about?"

Jaejoong: "All deals and promises are sealed with a kiss... don't you know?" Jaejoong couldn't wait for Yunho to make the first move...at that rate, he'd be fossilized and used for oil before Yunho came out of his shell. He dropped his hands to wrap around Yunho's neck, sticking his tongue out further, and licking his lips, tasting some of the coppery blood.

Yunho: "And a pact of blood now, so it seems." It felt like he was dreaming. It wasn't long ago that the two of them had been at each other's necks, squabbling and arguing non-stop about the same problem over and over again. And now, here Jaejoong was, so close and so different, and all he could do was draw them even closer. In a way, he thought that maybe Jaejoong had just proven himself wrong, proven all his own fears otherwise in just one, life threatening experience. "I guess death really does take you to heaven."