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30 September 2008 @ 07:20 pm
[LOG] Seeking comfort  
Title: Seeking comfort
Muses Involved: Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin
Status: Complete

Jaejoong: Jaejoong wouldn't go to the kitchen, absolutely refused. He didn't want to remember what happened that night. Sighing, he drank from the juice box and sat on the bed in his room.

Changmin: Changmin had been standing outside Jaejoong's door, waiting for nothing. He'd been staring into blank spaces and throwing blank gazes he was starting to think his whole mind had gone blank... empty - completely, empty. He sighed, figured his hyung might need this too, and knocked on Jaejoong's door (feeling it would've been disrespectful and inappropriate if he phased his way in).

Jaejoong: "Unlocked." Jaejoong didn't try straightening up, mind muddled still from the event. He sipped on the straw--mango juice for the comfort.

Changmin: He turned the knob and peeked his head inside, "Hyung?" His voice cracked, he didn't mean to but it did, and he hoped the other wouldn't mind if they shared the heavy air they were all breathing lately.

Jaejoong: "Changmin?" Turning his head, he gave him a curious look, and seeing as he was giving him an odd look back, he finally straightened up and padded the spot beside him.

Changmin: Releasing a heavy sigh, Changmin slowly stepped inside and made his way to the spot Jaejoong patted for him: sitting there, silent.

Jaejoong: "What's up, Changmin?" Jaejoong set aside his own problems and dark thoughts to make way and listen to Changmin.

Changmin: He looked up at Jaejoong and looked him square in the eye, "Can I snap one of your bracelets, hyung?" He sighed again.

Jaejoong: Without a word, he lifted his arm, showcasing his colourful bracelets donning his wrist.

Changmin: Swallowing the lump in his throat, he touched each one of Jaejoong's bracelets before stopping on the yellow one. He rested his palm over the bracelet and part of Jaejoong's wrist, passing his hand through Jaejoong's and taking the bracelet with it. He played with it for a while, biting his lip as he snapped it in half with two fingers from each hand.

Jaejoong: Smiling at him, he tilted his head. "Do you want it now?"

Changmin: He did nothing but nod, eyes still fix on his hands and the broken bracelet.

Jaejoong: "Here... Changmin, I'll give you a special Youngwoong Jaejoong patented hug." Sliding down on the bed to lie down, he pulled Changmin down with him, wrapping his arms around him and cradling his head gently.

Changmin: Changmin let himself be pulled into the hug, almost immediately fitting himself against Jaejoong's body, arms coming around the other's waist. He closed his eyes and just let the comfort overcome him just as he had wished it would, "I like this patented hug."

Jaejoong: He rubbed Changmin's back slowly, and pressed his lips to Changmin's head of hair. "That's why it's patented." The silence left was comfortable, and he lightly massaged Changmin's head, just having someone to be with and hug--the both of them really needed it, not just Changmin. Jaejoong was thankful for this moment.

Changmin: He tightened his hold around Jaejoong, shifting closer so his head would be snug against the crook of Jaejoong's neck. As far as Changmin was concerned, Jaejoong really was the only person who held so much of his trust. And after everything that had happened, Jaejoong was also the only one he could think of to run to.

Jaejoong: He exhaled, letting out a long breath. Closing his eyes, he breathed in and exhaled again, freeing himself of the nimbus clouds of thoughts, imagining their dissipation with the simple inhale and exhale movement he used. He could feel Changmin's heart beating in equal existence to his own, and he could hardly fathom the tranquillity brought along.