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23 September 2008 @ 10:17 am
[LOG] ..SNAP! Haptic?  
Title: ..SNAP! Haptic?
Muses Involved: Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Shim Changmin
Status: Incomplete
Links: Rules | Scoreboard
Week One: First snap (MinSu) | Second snap (JaeSu) | Third snap (JaeHo) | Forth snap (HoSu) | Fifth snap (JaeMin)

Jaejoong: Jaejoong lies on the rug of the living room, while he's texting someone, pressing buttons like he's out to save the world.

Yunho: Yunho spots Jaejoong on the rug and makes for the kitchen. "Jae, something to drink?"

Changmin: Changmin walks out just in time to hear Yunho's question, "Orange Juice, hyung. Thanks," walking casually to sit on the couch.

Jaejoong: He doesn't look up from his phone, and shakes his head lightly.

Yunho: He shoots Min a playful glare but goes and head and gets the juice and a glass of milk for himself and walks into the living room, setting both glasses onto the coffee table. "Brat."

Changmin: Grinning at Yunho, Changmin says thanks and takes the juice with a satisfied smile on his face. "You love me, hyung."

Yunho: He arches an eyebrow and leans over to take his milk in his hand before he leans over Jae to see what he's doing. "What are you up to, hmm?"

Jaejoong: "....Texting.." Jaejoong gives him a half-hearted reply, dividing his attention for the moment to speak and text at the same time.

Changmin: Changmin pauses from his drinking to eye Jaejoong and Yunho, lips right on the rim of his glass as he mumbles, "Is it just me or is he cold?" He asks, nodding his head in Jaejoong's direction.

Yunho: "When is he not?" Yunho teases, giving jae a small nudge with his knee as he too takes a sip from his milk.

Changmin: "Point taken." Changmin nods again before setting his glass down, and leaning back on the couch.

Jaejoong: "When I'm under blankets drinking hot chocolate." He finishes his texting (for now) and looks up at the two. "Did you two eat yet?"

Changmin: Changmin does nothing but shake his head and pout.

Jaejoong: He grins over that and snakes a bag of chips from under the table and passes it to Changmin. "Be good and eat this for now."

Yunho: "You haven't cooked," he nodded nonchalantly to signify his point.

Changmin: "Wah!" Excited about this new development, Changmin sits up and opens the pack immediately, grabbing a handful of chips and popping them into his mouth.

Jaejoong: "Do you want me to make you something?" Jaejoong turns over to lie on his stomach, crossing his arms in front of him so he could rest his head.

Yunho: He turns to Min for a moment, wide eyed and in shock at the speed of consumption, but he leans forward and turns to Jae anyway, a soft smile gracing his features. "I'm good. Maybe later?"

Changmin: "I'rm o- kay...rm." He mumbles right after popping another handful of chips.

Jaejoong: Nodding silently, he tilts his head down and makes a bland expression, bored.

Yoochun: Yoochun walks in on the three of them and plops himself on the couch, bored written all over his face.

Yunho: Sighing, he moves down to the floor just beside Jae, sitting with his knees bent before him and he lifts a finger to tap at the eldest's nose. "Dull night..." he mumbles, "Let's play a game."

Changmin: Changmin swallows the last of the latest batch of chips he munched on at the mention of a game. "What game?" He says, leaning forward to try and hear Yunho better.

Yoochun: "No more 21 please." Yoochun mumbles.

Yunho: His hand absently trails down to rest atop Jae's shoulders as he thinks, snorting at Chun's comment. "Someone know anything new?"

Jaejoong: Jaejoong indignantly covers his nose, and looks at Yunho looming over, perking up over the mention of a game.

Junsu: Junsu walked in on the group... looking slightly curious. "Game?"

Changmin: Changmin turns at the sound of Junsu's voice and nods at his direction. "Do you have a good one, hyung?"

Jaejoong: Jaejoong cuts through the conversation. "If you don't want to play card games, why don't we do something easier?"

Junsu: "Mm... I got something from the fans... but I don't know what they're for...?" Junus says, before retreating back into his room, coming out later with a package still wrapped in it's brown paper.

Yunho: "Cards are a one time deal, Jae," he sighed, "And I don't want to bet my clothes against your luck again."

Jaejoong: He lifts his head when Junsu comes back, and gestures for him to come over to the rug. "Dump it out and let's see it."

Junsu: Junsu rips the package open, before revealing the package to be... bracelets.

Yunho: he brings his legs down to sit cross legged and leans over the package in curiosity. "Strange... why would they give us bracelets?"

Yoochun: He sits up to look over at the table and grins. "..oh..brings back memories."

Changmin: Changmin picks one of the bracelets up and chuckles, "So girly."

Jaejoong: Jaejoong takes one and slides his hand through, then shakes his hand a bit to let it bounce on his wrist.

Junsu: Junsu looks at Yoochun curiously. "Memories...?

Yoochun: Yoochun shakes his head and leans back down on the couch. "You don't want to know."

Jaejoong: "Ah.. I think I remember these." Gives Yoochun the look, and pans his gaze across the rest of the members to see if any of them recognise it.

Junsu: Junsu sifts through the pile before slipping a red one onto his own wrist. "I think the colours are kind of pretty..."

Yunho: Taking a bracelet, he lifts it up to see. "I think... I have an idea."

Changmin: Changmin stretches a white one with his index fingers, trying to see how far it would go. Turning to look at Yunho at the mention of another idea.

Yunho: "There's this game.... Heechul told me about it." He twitched at the idea of it, shaking his head in disapproval. "I don't think it's a good idea for the group."

Jaejoong: "Aw. Yunho's putting his leader foot in. It can't be that bad if we don't let it leave our apartment, right?" He starts collecting a whole bunch of them on his wrist, taking mostly his favourite colours: red, and black.

Changmin: "What kind of game hyung?" Changmin asks, just in time for the bracelet he's been stretching to snap in two. "Oops."

Yunho: Seeing the bracelet snap, he twitches again. "It's a game called snap." By this time, he had also taken a few black ones, a blue and a purple one as well, and two red ones for Cass, and he slipped them onto his wrist just to see.

Junsu: "Isn't...that a sex game, hyung?" Junsu asks, frowning as he slipps on some - red, black, and white.

Yunho: "..." He scowls inwardly at the mention of it again. "Exactly why I said it wouldn't be good for the group."

Changmin: Changmin takes a purple one, a red one, a blue one and a white one. He pauses in the middle of putting them on when he hears what Junsu just said, "A sex game?"

Jaejoong: Jaejoong by then has a rainbow on his arm, and he shakes his arm like a maraca. "Oh well, it doesn't matter anyways. Unless we remember what the colours mean, it's kind of pointless."

Junsu: "Mm... Junho told me about it." Junsu says distractedly, adding a blue and yellow one onto his wrist. "No details though."

Changmin: "Hmm..." Stands up from his position on the couch to go to his bedroom and check on the game in his laptop. Changmin returns with the laptop, scrolling as he reads whatever is on the screen, "This is.. interesting." He says as he sits back down and reads some more.

Yunho: Seeing where this is all going, he keeps from taking any more of the bracelets. "well, basically you try to snap another person's bracelet, and when you do, there's a penalty from the snapper... related to the color of the bracelet."

Changmin: "Yellow for a hug..." Changmin starts, enumerating every color that is on the screen. "Pink for a hickey, Orange means the wearer should be willing to kiss... uh." He clears his throat and shifts on the sofa before continuing.

Yunho: "We'll have to..." He begins, cutting himself off when he realizes what he's saying. "No, we're not doing this."

Jaejoong: "...We'll have to... what?" Jaejoong's curiosity has him turning slightly to put an arm across Yunho's lap and rests his head on it.

Yunho: His instinct tells him to keep from saying, but adjusting his position to make Jaejoong more comfortable, he couldn't help it. "...modify the rules..." He sighs before he adds quickly, "But we;re not doing this."

Changmin: He puts the laptop down on one of the desks before facing everyone again, shifting to a more comfortable position on the couch. "You'll have to play it with us, that's what. Are any of us actually considering this?" Changmin asks, a bit worried.

Yoochun: "I'm okay with it if you guys are." Yoochun shrugs. "But are we playing as it is?"

Junsu: "It can't hurt, right...?" Junsu rationalises. "It's only between the five of us."

Yunho: "I won't have it." He looks away, unable to meet the other's eyes as he knows that it will pique the curiosity of a good number, choosing his leadership over the members' fun.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong for one is interested, and he drawls out a response. "I'm in." He grins over to Yunho. "Majority wins, fearless leader."

Changmin: "I'm not saying yes to this yet either, hyung." Changmin butts in, "It's all remotely related to sex. And this is... US."

Yoochun: Yoochun grabs a few random colored bracelets and puts them on as he listens.

Jaejoong: "Fine, then don't play." Jaejoong shrugs, and rolls off Yunho's lap towards the bracelet, and then comes over to Junsu, taking his hand to roll a red one through his hand. "3 is still good."

Changmin: Changmin all but shakes his head, still unsure about how to handle the situation. He looks to Yunho for... something.

Junsu: Junsu justs sits there quietly, making no move even as Jaejoong rolls a red one onto his wrist.

Jaejoong: He rolls onto his back, and keeps rolling until he reaches Yoochun, and slips a few more bracelets on him, smiling at him mischieviously. "Maybe we'll make it a YooSuJae thing."

Yunho: ROlling his eyes, Yunho is left unable to say no. He knows not why but he easily gives in upon seeing Jaejoong's eagerness. ".......how many bracelets each?"

Changmin: Sighing, Changmin shakes his head and loses too. Cursing how it's hopeless to be him sometimes. "Five is fair. Same set of colors each." He says as he stretches his hand out for Jaejoong to put bracelets on.

Yoochun: Yoochun laughs as Jaejoong slips on the bracelets and looks at his wrist. "I guess we're playing then. Which colors are we choosing?"

Jaejoong: He grins. "Ah, finally comes around." He takes a few of his own and crawls over to Changmin to slip them on him. "Five then? Okay, pick your colours before we check out what they are. Just to make the game interesting."

Jaejoong: Then he takes off a red one, and, smiling at Yunho, he slides over and slips it on his wrist. "Red looks good on you."

Changmin: Having already seen the set of colors, Changmin was tempted to take them all off but, "I'm only keeping these." He says as he removes the black and the gold one Jaejoong managed to put on his wrist.

Changmin: Changmin keeps purple, white, red and the orange one from Jaejoong.

Yunho: He looks down at his wrist, then up a Jae's smile and stares just a few seconds, reluctant, but submissive as he sighs. "You choose for me, then."

Changmin: "Oh crap here they go." Changmin says as he falls back on the couch and covers his eyes.

Junsu: Junsu takes off all his bracelets, choosing a black, red, blue and white for now, frowning when he can't decide on the last one.

Jaejoong: "You like green too don't you?" He smiles wider and slides it on him.

Changmin: Rolls over on the couch to face the backrest, eyes closed, just listening.

Yunho: "Yes I do." He can't help but chuckle as he reaches his other hand over to take two black ones and another red. Just for perks, he thinks as he slides the remaining three onto his wrist.

Junsu: Junsu gives up and picks out another white one instead, holding out his wrist. "I'm done."

Jaejoong: "Oh and guys... just so we all actually play the game.. you have to snap at least one by the end of the week." Jaejoong casually slides on a blue one on Changmin's wrist. "Changmin... you forgot one."

Changmin: Changmin blindly reaches his arm around towards the rest of the members, "Pick one for me."

Jaejoong: He tugs on the one he already put on Changmin playfully. "Already did."

Changmin: He looks at his wrist to find a blue one, making him cringe and shrink back into his previous position on the couch.

Yunho: His fingers idly play with an orange one, and he thinks that maybe he should switch. And indeed he does, switching a red for the orange. "There... now I don't look like I'm too eager for christmas."