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21 September 2008 @ 03:59 am
[LOG] The Food Monster Named Changmin ☆  
Title: The Food Monster Named Changmin
Muses Involved: Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin
Status: Incomplete.

Changmin: Feeling restless again, Changmin made his way out of his bedroom and onto the kitchen. He covered his mouth as he yawned while he walked, using his other hand to grab the, uh, right, no handle. He shook his head and pulled the fridge door open by its side.

Jaejoong: "Late night snack again, Changmin?" Jaejoong was there already, making his lunch, and because he was harbouring feelings of guilt, the other member's lunch too. He was in the middle of chopping up vegetables and lettuce for Yunho's salad, when Changmin came into the kitchen. The memory of his sandwich being stolen was still in his mind, though he let it go (for the most part), and he was glad at least Changmin came to get food before, and not after he prepared everything. Things had a way of mysteriously disappearing into someone's stomach if left unwatched.

Changmin: "Omo..~" He gasped, not quite ready to find that someone else was there in the dimly lit kitchen. "Good god hyung you scared me." He had his hand on his chest as he looked at Jaejoong, a bit of shock still evident in his eyes. "What are you doing so late here an- Oh." Suddenly, his eyes brightened when he saw what Jaejoong was doing. "FOOD!"

Jaejoong: "Wait!" Jaejoong's hand flashed out instantly when Changmin realised what was going on, making use of his gesture to stop him from even thinking of doing anything to his carefully made salad. "This is for tomorrow! Changmin, don't you dare eat it." He warned the magnae with a finger waddling in front of him, and an expression as serious as he could make it, before turning back to chopping up the lettuce.

Changmin: "..." Cue pout. "Fine. I'll make my own midnight snack." Changmin huffed before turning around and looking for something to tinker with. He went back to the fridge first to pull out some of their leftovers from dinner along with a couple of eggs. Placing them on top of the kitchen counter, he made his way to the cupboards and started pulling out some pots and pans - Jaejoong's pots and pans.

Jaejoong: "H-hey! What are you doing in my kitchen?" Suffice to say it wasn't exactly his kitchen, but he self-proclaimed it as his own kitchen since he took most responsibilities around it. Setting down his knife, and leaving his work station, he went over to take his pots and pans away from Changmin. "If you want something to eat, I'll make you something--just don't touch tomorrow's lunch okay?"

Changmin: Ah, the Choikang Grin of Doom, "Thanks, hyung." He beamed even more, happily returning the pots and pans back into the cupboards he took them from. "I'll eat anything you make me. I'm seriously just aching for food right now." Walking around the kitchen counter and sitting down on one of the stools, Changmin rubbed his stomach, scrunching his face in his hunger.

Jaejoong: "Do you want something light or something with meat?" Jaejoong took the leftovers and eggs Changmin took out and put them back into the fridge (struggling a bit because of the lack of handle--ended up prying back the door with his toes because his hands were full).

Changmin: "Hmmm. Something with meat. If I take in something light," he pointed to all the food Jaejoong was already working on, "I'll be nibbling on those again later." The food looked really good, Changmin thought. And he was so tempted to just grab a piece of anything and pretend nothing had happened.

Jaejoong: "Bulgogi then." He took out the tray of beef, garlic, and scallions to put on the counter, and started up the stove. Going to the cupboards, he took out the spices and oils, and the skillet. As he juggled all the ingredients, he set the skillet onto the stove, and poured some oil over it.

Changmin: He watched as Jaejoong scuttled around the kitchen preparing the food he asked for. It was always nice to bug Jaejoong about simple things like these. Jaejoong had always been nice, after all (minus the times when they'd come head to head on out-hitting each other). Changmin wondered if he could bug Jaejoong about something much- Oh no. Thinking too much to himself, Changmin had accidentally phased through the chair and fell on the floor, "Ah- oomph!" The stool's legs still through him, Changmin hastily twisted around so it'd look like he was beside the stool instead.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong's head turned at the sound of the crash and Changmin's cry. "Changmin?" When he saw the young dongsaeng on the ground, he raised an eyebrow over the rather well placed position Changmin was in, looking like he was posing for a photoshoot. "...I'll pretend I didn't just see that.." Slowly he turned away, though briefly rather suspicious over Changmin's behaviour, he only made to crush some garlic and set it to the side, before working on slicing up the beef, humming a little.

Changmin: Clearing his throat, Changmin lifted himself up from the floor to make his way to Jaejoong's side. "Uh... Need help?" He asked awkwardly as he peered over Jaejoong's shoulder.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong turned his head slightly, looking at Changmin looming over. It was a little daunting to be reminded the youngest was noticeably taller than him. "Hm.. check if the pan's warm, and put the garlic in." Taking the wooden cutting board, he started chopping up the scallions, squinting at it to lessen the effects of onions and tearing up, though his eyes turned a little red.

Changmin: He nodded before moving to the burner and doing what Jaejoong had told him to. At first, he used the tips of his fingers to tap the surface of the pan. He had expected it to be hot, but when he realized that it still wasn't (and that his stomach was really, really ready for food now), he decided to give it a little push. Looking over at Jaejoong, he made sure that the other was busy with his chopping - the fact that he had his eyes squinted helping the situation. He flattened his palm over the pan and generated just enough fire to make it heat faster. Thankfully, the flash of flame wasn't too obvious and his powers decided to work for him this time. He added the garlic, "Done," and waited for Jaejoong to tell him what to do next.

Jaejoong: He had put the meat in a bowl with sesame oil, and soya sauce with more garlic and onions to marinate for a while, letting it wait out. "Already? ....That was fast.." Jaejoong's scallions were chopped up unevenly, making sure to have as many different sizes for a mixed flavour, and he scooped them up by the flat of the knife, and slid a finger along it to drop into the skillet, letting it sizzle with the garlic, and taking a whiff of the savoury aroma with a slight of a smile, satisfied with it. "Hmm.. almost ready."

Changmin: He could only nod, putting on of his hands behind him. Changmin beamed at Jaejoong's words, the smell of food that's just waiting for him to devour already food for his soul. He rubbed his hands together and made a satisfied click of his tongue, "Aahh... ~ Can't wait."

Jaejoong: Smiling over at Changmin, he took the bowl of marinated beef, and brought it over to the skillet. "Yup, all that's left is this--ach!" Accidentally touching the hot pan with the side of his hand, he recoiled in the surprise, not expecting it to be so hot already.

Changmin: "Hyung!" Shocked - and most definitely worried - Changmin made his way quickly onto Jaejoong's side. "Oh my god, your hand." He looked at the scalded skin, cradling Jaejoong's hand in his, and said the first word that came to mind, "I'm sorry." He said sincerely, remember what he had done with the pan earlier.

Jaejoong: The apology surprised him, and he took a moment too long wondering why Changmin would be sorry, forgetting about his hand that was already healing itself, weaving his skin back together and leaving no trace of scalded skin. When he realised it too late, he widened his eyes at Changmin, and quickly retracted his hand. "I-I'm fine, it's not that bad... It's okay, Changmin.. I just wasn't careful.." He was mostly babbling.

Changmin: Changmin was pretty sure he hadn't gone blind. There was also enough light in the kitchen for him to know that he was seeing things clearly. Therefore, if he wasn't mistaken, the burnt part of Jaejoong's skin healed in his hands- right before his very eyes. His eyes remained wide when the other retracted his hand, not registering much of what Jaejoong had said as an excuse, "Hyung... Your hand... It-"

Jaejoong: Being rather accident prone, Jaejoong was lucky to be able to heal, and if he wasn't worried or avoiding his mutant issues, he would consider it fitting. It was at least the reason why he wasn't already scratched up or scarred terribly from his carelessness. The look on Changmin's face was something Jaejoong didn't like at all, and he continued to deny exactly what happened. "My hand... is fine.." He didn't say much more on it, taking the bowl again, and poured the beef onto the skillet, hearing the meat sizzle loudly.

Changmin: "It wasn't fine a while ago." Changmin took Jaejoong's hand again the moment the beef was finally on the skillet. "It was scalded," he said as he looked at Jaejoong's hand again, thumb stroking the same spot that looked completely fine - even though it wasn't supposed to be, "then it wasn't in mere seconds." Looking up at Jaejoong, hand still holding the other's, Changmin asked for answers, "What just happened, hyung?"

Jaejoong: "Changmin..--" Jaejoong immediately pulled his hand away, and he didn't know what to do or say really because he couldn't even explain it himself. "I-I'm not feeling so well... I think I'll...--" He didn't finish the sentence, already pulling his hand away and turning to get out of the kitchen, and avoid answering any of his questions.

Changmin: He watched Jaejoong stutter. Just by the way he shook, hesitated, held back and pulled his hand away, Changmin knew everything wasn't all right. "Hyung..." When Jaejoong rushed to get out of the kitchen, Changmin couldn't just let him go. His brows furrowed as he pondered the implications. If what Changmin saw was indeed the real thing, it would mean Jaejoong was different - Jaejoong was different too, just like he was. Taking the first few steps, Changmin went to follow his hyung.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong already managed to reach his room, and closed the door, locking it, and leaning against it. He was worried, and a little more than scared Changmin's expression held a lot more meaning behind them than he cared to admit. Having escaped, he sighed and wondered how he was supposed to face him tomorrow.

Changmin: Making his way to Jaejoong's room, Changmin tried to open the door only to find that Jaejoong had locked it. "Hyung..." He called from outside, "Hyung, come on. Let me in." His voice was calm, soft and supposedly encouraging. But there was still no answer.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong bit his fist. He stood at the door, wondering what he was supposed to say. Thinking it over, several possibilities to another, he realised some time had already passed, and he hoped Changmin would think he was already asleep. Based on the shadow coming through under the door though, Jaejoong knew he was still there.

Changmin: Nothing. He'd been standing there for so long - knocking, calling out calmly for Jaejoong - until he got tired and just waited for something quietly. When he was returned with even more silence, Changmin gave up - deciding to confront Jaejoong about it some other time. Fine, hyung... you'll get out of it for now, he thought to himself as he moved to walk away- then stopped. Wait. Changmin turned around and damned it all to heck, he pressed his hand against the door, I'm sorry, hyung. Please don't hate me, and phased through the wood and into Jaejoong's room.

Jaejoong: The feeling of something passing through him, was cold, a dry chill, and Jaejoong shivered from it, shocked. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew enough to back away from the door, and saw Changmin literally go through the door like a ghost, phasing through it as if it was just air. "Chang..Changmin!" Staring at the magnae in shock and disbelief, he left his mouth agape, and didn't know if he should be pinching himself to figure out if it was another illusion, dream, or he should just give up and accept the paranormal was going to be a regular occurrence.

Changmin: It was the second time that day that his powers had surprised him. He made it through the door completely fine: no left over limbs in solid matter, no accidental slip of foot through the floor, no dizziness, no nothing. He didn't know if he was going to be thankful about Jaejoong seeing it all though. Changmin looked from his hands (his arms, his body) to the door he just came through, then back. With weary eyes, he looked at Jaejoong, ignoring the other's panic completely. "Will you tell me what happened to your hand now, hyung?"

Jaejoong: One thing was for sure, Changmin had the same problem. Jaejoong didn't know how much of their own secrets they've all been hiding from each other, but it was ironic they were hiding about the same things. The question, this time, Jaejoong answered. "I can heal." He said it simply enough, being almost resigned to it.

Changmin: He assumed as much about Jaejoong's hand. "I can walk through walls," He said just as casually as Jaejoong did, "generate fire, control it." Changmin moved his gaze from Jaejoong to his raised fist, "I'd show you but I'm scared I might burn your room down." This time, Changmin looked up with a small smile on his face, "Your hand. My fault." He nodded at the direction of Jaejoong's hand before imitating what he had done with the pan. This was turning out to be better than the mess he had imagined before.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong shook his head with a small smile. "Don't worry about me, Changmin.. as far as anyone knows, and as far as we can see... nothing happened." He put a hand on Changmin's shoulder, and was relieved to know it didn't pass through as he partially feared would happen. Solidly settled on his shoulder, Jaejoong felt like being the older one of the two, as he sometimes failed to display other times. "It's not your fault."

Changmin: He followed his first instinct and reached around to give Jaejoong a tight hug. There used to be a sadness in his heart, and uncertainty caused by the fear of being different - too different. He'd carried it with him since the day he discovered he wasn't normal. But now, now some of the weight was being lifted off of Changmin's shoulders.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong's arms reacted by wrapping around Changmin almost simultaneously, wanting to return the comfort he knew they both needed. Changmin wanted to be older, act mature these days, but for Jaejoong, he would be the young dongsaeng that came to him during nights when he couldn't sleep. For the things that did change--his abilities that surfaced without warning--his affections for the members remained the same. He was confused for the past days, wondering what he was, what he lived for, and why he had to be the one different. He was bitter. When he hugged Changmin, he was relieved. Yunho was right; they still had each other--and he wanted to be there for them.

It was peaceful, coming to a conclusion, finally. And it smelt... burnt? "...The stove!" Jaejoong's head snapped up, remembering the food they left cooking in the kitchen.

Changmin: "What?" Changmin straightened up just as Jaejoong did and immediately caught the burning smell, "Oh my god...!" By instinct (highly driven by the new feeling of comfort) Changmin sprinted to the kitchen in a straight line, phasing through walls and furniture to close the stove. By the time he realized what he had just done, the stove was already off and he found himself smiling in relief: relief from being able to turn it off, and relief from being able to be himself.

Changmin started laughing.

Jaejoong: On the other hand of things, Jaejoong probably could go through walls as well, the only difference would be the carnage he would leave behind, and the amount of questions he would have to answer to the rest of the group. Not including their ever mindful leader. So he did the normal thing and opened his door to hurry his way back to the kitchen where Changmin already was, and laughing--he didn't question that, instead, it was contagious enough for him to start laughing when their gazes met.

He didn't stop there though, and took the pan off the still rather heated stove. They couldn't save their bulgogi, but at least--Jaejoong thought wryly--they managed to save their apartment from burning down. "Hm! I guess we won't have bulgogi tonight."

Changmin: Changmin caught his breath as his laughter simmered into giggles. He watched Jaejoong as he tried to clean up the mess they accidentally made. He was thankful that Jaejoong was there for him now. He'd spent so long wondering if he was alone in all this, and knowing that he had someone - and his hyung, no less - made everything even better.

Still stuck in the aftermath of giggles, Changmin leaned on the counter opposite the stove, "Can I have some of these, then?" He said, fingers already dangerously close to the food Jaejoong had been preparing earlier.

Jaejoong: Jaejoong's hand automatically went out to slap Changmin's before he touched what he worked hard to prepare for tomorrow. This feeling of normalcy made him nearly forget his other problem he couldn't seem to solve--it was one problem after another. He was glad at least Changmin didn't treat him any differently. "Changmin! You don't want to eat that... that's Yunho's salad. There's no meat in it." Using the spatula, he dumped the charred midnight snack, and put the pan in the sink, and he was already in the fridge, looking for something else to make with a sigh. "I don't even know if there's anything left to make.. don't you have conjuring abilities or something? Make food appear."

Changmin: "Ow! Tsk." Changmin playfully snarled at Jaejoong when he slapped his hand away. Everything seemed normal, other than the fact of course that they both know about their... abilities, now. He stepped away from the food and made his way to Jaejoong, stopping just when he was right behind his hyung when he heard the other's remark, "I'm Changmin Sama hyung, not Harry Potter." He pulled Jaejoong aside and opened the chiller, pulling out the small bar of chocolate he'd hidden there the other night, "If I could conjure food, I wouldn't ask you to make anything for me." He tore open the wrapper and took a decent bite, "I'm good." He said, grinning.

Jaejoong: "You made me cook you something when you could have just eaten that?" Jaejoong scowled at Changmin, having wasted good beef though it was partially his fault (not that he would admit it). Closing the door, he set out to finish what he set out to do that night, which was make all their lunches. He really already finished four lunchboxes, Yunho's was last.

Changmin: "The food you cook tastes better." He shrugged, taking another bite of his chocolate bar. He watched Jaejoong continue with what he was doing earlier. He'd found out a lot about each other throughout the night, but Changmin couldn't help but wonder, since he had more than just one ability, that Jaejoong might be able to do more than just heal. "Hyung," he asked from where he was, hoping Jaejoong wouldn't mind if he did, "do you have any other... power? Other than healing, I mean..."

Jaejoong: "..." Jaejoong was hoping he didn't have to mention his other powers, but it didn't look like he could avoid it. If things already progressed this far, he had no other reason to keep it from Changmin, other than being stubborn and mostly embarrassed over his previous (terrible) attempts at covering his mistakes. "I have super strength... or something like it. I break things a lot? --And yes I did do that." He injected the last piece before Changmin could say something smart.

Changmin: "Super strength?! You... have super strength?" Well that was cool. He thought as he pointed to the handle-less fridge and remembered the hole in the wall. "Wow.... A-ha!" Changmin suddenly exclaimed, "My shoulders! YOU," pointing his finger at Jaejoong and acting as if he was indeed, offended. But then his lips curved into a childlike smile - one he hadn't had in a while. "I knew you were my fairy godmother." He teased, walking to Jaejoong and hugging him from behind as the other continued working on the last lunchbox.

Jaejoong: "How am I your fairy godmother?? When people tell you they can literally break your neck without a sweat... you really shouldn't tell them they're a fairy." Jaejoong laughed in amusement, chopping the rest of the vegetables up and putting them inside the lunchbox, before he closed it and set the box on top of the rest, stacking all five of their boxes. "Here, since you're here you might as well help out." He turned around and gave Changmin the boxes, clearly assuming he knew where they should go, and that didn't include his stomach.

Changmin: "You wouldn't break my neck, you love me." He moved away from Jaejoong, laughing together with his hyung. When Jaejoong handed him the boxes, he took them willingly with a smile but, "Uh, fridge?" He asked, eyebrows quirked.

Jaejoong: "Yes, the fridge." Jaejoong started cleaning up his work station, throwing some discarded pieces into the garbage. When Changmin spoke about his powers, he wondered too, mostly about his ability to walk through walls, because as far as he was concerned, that was the more subtle ability. "You can... phase, was it?"

Changmin: "Hmm?" He asked as he arranged the boxes neatly inside the fridge and closed the door. "Walking through walls? Yeah..." he snorted, "Phasing's not as nifty as super strength, huh?" Chuckling, he sat down on one of the stools again. "I almost fell through a floor once. Couldn't control it."
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